NEAERA haben euch einiges zu sagen, inkl. der Info über den Albumtitel ihres nächsten Releases, hier der recht blumige Wortlaut im O-Ton:

“Hi everybody!

It´s about time for another one of them steamin’ hot news updates! After having to spend the last week recovering from some more or less serious cases of sudden disease, and even being forced to cancel two concerts, we are finally back and able to frequently check our site and answer your people’s questions, should you have any.

As you all know, we have spent the better part of the last month travelling and moshing through Europe with the HELL ON EARTH tour. We want to thank all the people who made this tour such a great and overwhelming experience for us, meaning especially our tour and stage managers Schlumpf and Danny of M.A.D tourbooking, all the great people and our brothers in End of Days and Agents of Man and our friends in Evergreen Terrace, Heaven Shall Burn and As I Lay Dying, all the promoters who organized the shows, but most of all YOU, the fans, all you people who have embraced our music in such a positive and awesome way. What a great first tour to be on, what a great tour for EVERYBODY involved!

We want to ask you people to please SEND US PICTURES of all the shows if you happen to have any. We would be very grateful for some nice photos, and we will also post the ones we like most on this site! So please, keep ‘em coming, the mail address is [email protected]

Unfortunately the show in Cottbus was cancelled, we hope to see you people in Leipzig! We will spend the next couple of weeks writing more new material and hopefully – yet probably – wrapping up our second full-length, which – as you all know – will be recorded in January 2006 at Danish Hansen Studios with Jacob Hansen at the helm. We are anxious to record our second album. From where we are at this point in the Songwriting process, we can say that it will be a very diverse album, both melodic and brutal. The title of the record will be that of one of the songs off of it, namely “LET THE TEMPEST COME”

The artwork for the album will be done by our friend Adam Hunt, drummer in US grindcore sensation GRAF ORLOCK and former member of AS HOPE DIES (rip). We will of course keep you people updated on the whole developing process of the album in the days ahead. The online shop will remain closed for some time due to us being short of merch (oops…). As soon as we have new stuff available, the shop will be opened again.

One last thing: Due to the loss of his Music Man Stingray bass on the HELL ON EARTH tour, our bass player was forced to sell his backup bass in order to be able to afford a new Stingray bass. In case you want to check out the auction, here’s a link:

Thanks for looking! Well, that should be about it for now, hope to see you people at one of our next shows! Stay brutal!”


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