Neue Releases von OEC (Old Europa Café)

Following stuff is planed to be released on OEC in the future !
Don’t send orders for those items now, we will not consider them !
You will be informed in time for place your orders, if you like to make us a favour, just let us know if you like the stuff we plan .

foreseen to be produced in May / June :

OECD 053 AIN SOPH – Aurora CD 14,00
re-edition of the long time sold out Ain Soph masterpiece, released in 1992 !
The disc will come with a very similar art-work as in the first edition plus a rare bonus track : „Colpo di Grazzia“

OECD 054 LUCISFERRATO CATATONIA – Weltanschauung CD 13,00
re-edition with some aditional unreleased material of this great album only out as CDR by the most interesting Russian dark industrial & martial project !

OECD 055 MORPHEUS – Babylon CD 13,00
great dark ambient sounds from this Spanish composer, texts singed in many different languages : Babylon …
Features collaborations by Francesco Banchini from Gor and Ataraxia, and Marie and Gernot from the german band Pilori, as well as texts from William Shakespeare, Italo Calvino, R.M. Rilke, J.L. Borges, Aleister Crowley, Pierpaolo Pasolini, Hakim Bey, the Book of Genesis and the Enuma Elish.

OECD 056 NEGRU PULSE – Madeira CD 13,00
collaboration between Negru Voda & Moliebka Pulse, 2 long dark industrial tracks in best cold northern tradition .

OECD 057 ORGANISATION TOTH – Birth of Light CD 13,00
beating dark & bleak industrial for see „the birth of light“ ….

OECD 058 PSYCHONAUT 75 / AESTHETIC MEAT FOUNDATION – Demonium of the Earth / Bird of Oblivion an Incantation of Fire CD 13,00
split release by those 2 well known USA projects involved with depograming rituals, sex magick & self-deification ….

OECD 059 BSE – Urmula CD 13,00
second part of a trilogy to be produced during 2003 !
wonderfull dark ambient landscapes from Mr. Drakh & K. Meizter (stars of MZ.412), digipack in the same vain of the 1st album !

OECD 060 ALK0 CD 13,00
Alk0 is the solo project by Jouni Ulvtharm (the 3rd and only member of MZ.412 which didn’t was produced on OEC up to now …),
harsh industrial sounds in best industrial tradition ….

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