Neues Album der NEBELHEXE

ANDREA HAUGEN (Hagalaz‘ Runedance) will release her next album under her old
artist name NEBELHEXE. She feels the need to explore new musical sounds,
find new inspiration in her music and she seeks more artistic freedom in her
musical expressions. She will focus more on her personal feelings, dreams,
obscure experiences and her magical world. So look out for NEBELHEXE.

Besides her music, Andrea Haugen, or again ‚NEBELHEXE‘, is also exploring
other interesting artistic areas, she is working on visual art and film
concepts and is currently working with like-minded individuals from the
alternative scene on various projects. Rumours has it she is currently also
working on a musical project and a theatre play with Martin Walkyier
(ex-Skyclad and Sabbath).

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