News aus dem Hause FREUND HEIN

hi all!!!!

here’s newsletter # 23232305 of freund hein!

there are some great news, some news and some shit we want to tell you!

first of all, the good news, many live-action will break your neck in near future!!!

this saturday, the 26th of april we will enter the rehearsal-room of days of loss (vienna), some friends of us playing death/trash. other bands will be brewed&canned, some fuckin‘ death-grind from vienna, necrotic art a weird grind-side-project of the guys of days of loss, dreadface, ass-kickin‘ rockers from hell, and the fuckers of days of loss!!! no fee, beer, wine and stuff like this is available for only one euro!!!!

for all guys who wanna come, here is some description to get there safely (in german)!


Mit der u6 bis zur Perfektastrasse, über die Kreuzung drüber, immer gerade aus die Perfektastr. entlang bis zum Semperit Gebäude, da rein ins Industriegebiet, um den Fitnessclub Galaxy herumgehen – durt wos laut is 😉


A23 – (Autobahnabfahrt Altmannsdorf runter) – Altmannsdorferstr. stadtauswärts entlang bis rechts die Erlaastrasse kommt (dort is die Fleischerei RADATZ), in die Erlaastrasse rein, gleich wieder links ins kleine Seitengasserl rein(geht glaub ich eh ned anders, rest von Erlaastr is Einbahn), dann gleich wieder links auf die Perfektastrasse biegn, die entlang bis zum Semperitwerk und ab da detto wie mit Öffis

the next action will take place on the 3rd of may in krems at the jazzkeller with the guys and boys of revenants dawn and some special guests!! be prepared for some surprises!!!!

we will also support the crazy italian grind-motherfuckers of cadaveric crematorium on the 22nd of june at viennas zugabe. other bands will be violent devoties from corinthia and bloodfeast from styria! entry will be 8 €!

yeah, and these are the things what spring will bring;)

and believe me summertime will be even hotter!!!

maybe you’ve recognized that our homepage was down for some weeks now because of some weak, chicken-hearted hackers, and………YES, we are back online again, so check it out!!!!

the last thing i want you to remind is that we’re in the latest issue of germans legacy with a review of „cointidentia oppositorum“ and a live-review from our gig in berlin during the tortour 2003!

so, fuck you all, guys and let your cock stay hard!

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