News aus dem SEAR-Lager

SEAR haben Line Up Wechsel hinter sich und präsentieren zudem einen Song im Netz, hier alles im O-Ton:

“As many of you already knows we parted ways with T. Kuusela and M. Nieminen. The decision was common. Now, with the new members we are able to have rehearsals with the whole band after two years: quite a relief for us. We were looking a singer who wouldn’t have ten different (known) bands so his „sound“ would be unique. The whole band is very satisfied with this change and everything looks and sounds promising. And finally we can do live shows now that Hyytiäinen and Landen are with us. Our own motivation has grown up after this line-up change and we are way more hungry than before. From this moment on H. Hyytiainen will make all the lyrics.

We just recorded a new song „The Execution“ and you can download it from: This is a mid-tempo song – we wanted to record something bit different after our debut album. We have now 5 new songs for the upcoming second album. The songs are killer and much more darker and more twisted than the old ones! No drastic changes there but leaps forward to more intense, darker, groovier and heavier sound.”
– M. Helle / Sear

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