News von Decadence Records

Das italienische Label Decadence Records verkündet einen Neuzugang und drei Studioberichte:

American Synth-pop duo „Axoe“ have signed for Decadance Records. This band hailing from North California shares some common traits with bands like Depeche Mode, DE/Vision and Mesh. Their album „Telegraphic“ will be released later this year and the CD will contain 16 tracks including 1 video clip and 3 remixes.

Artica are approching newer sounds and arragements with songs which will be sung also in English and German.

Miriam too are exploring new grounds with more electronic and experimental atmospheres.

Pulcher Femina is still in the early stages of his work demoing in his new songs and laying down some vocal melodies.

They are all recording in a brand new facility run directly by Decadance Records.

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