News von Moribund Records

Hier die News vom Moribund Cult im O-Ton:

MN based Post-Black Metal act AZRAEL have completed their second effort entitled “Into Shadows Act II: Through Horned Shadows Glimpse.” Adding to the atmospheres produced on their praised debut this US act is further expanding the boundaries and perceptions of conventional Black Metal. A December release will manifest itself…

Have begun work on the follow-up to this year’s Black Metal Highlight “The Tenth Sub-Level of Suicide”. Entitled “The Tentacles Of Whorror” and set for a Feb 4th 2004 release, expect another grim and mesmerizing Black Metal masterpiece sure to drive you to self-extinction! Leviathan also have forthcoming split CDs with DRAUGAR and CREBAIN, both of which will be distributed by The Cult!

GBK’s highly sought-after debut album “Mocking the Philanthropist” will finally get an official stateside release in December through The Cult. Only available prior as a high-priced and impossible to find German import, the official US version features the original cover and art which was banned upon it’s initial 1998 European release!

New album “Extermination Revelry” is out now! A tentative west coast tour is in the works with Barbatos (Japan, Abigail project), SERPENS AEON and possibly RAVAGER (Osmose), more news to come soon! The band are also busy putting the finishing touches on their yet-untitled 3rd album and plan to enter the studio sometime in early 2004.

Are currently entrenched in Boneyard Studio adding the skin to their second album “Disciples of The Heinous Path”, which promises to be another landmark in Grim, Ice-cold Finnish Black Metal. Also in the works is a split CD with STORM LEGION, who features Horrendus of Genocide Kommando / Corpus Christii.

Debut album “Dawn of Kouatl”, engineered by Curran Murphy (Nevermore, Annihilator), is out now featuring a blistering production which captures the classic American Death / Thrash sound of the early 90’s. Imagine Possessed meets Dissection with Old-School Death Metal influences. No newcomers to the extreme metal scene, all members come from prior stints with Drawn and Quartered and The Chasm. Serpens Aeon are a True US Death Metal cult immersed in Aztec heritage and mythology! Sip the Winged Serpent’s nectar of war and prepare for the return to Aztlan!!!

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