Ein Statement der Band BRAINSTORM:
„The rumors have come true, the Primal Fear / Brainstorm / Rob Rock Tour has been cancelled, because of reasons you already know.
So far, … so good. We can live with that. Tours get cancelled for many reasons.
But if only half of all this is true what we got to know the last two days about the when and how, we just say „fuck you“! This is not what „Metal“ is all about. We don’t need false thank you’s and excuses, it would have been way more honest to simply tell us the truth about what’s going on and when plans started to change.
We put all plans for our own headlining tour on hold (this was our own decision, so we don’t blame nobody else for this) just to be part of this tour, so for us it is just a question of honour, to inform people about when things are starting to change. Seems like some people give a shit about all that. Very Metal indeed!
We always made our own way and have been true to ourselves and will do this in future, no doubt about it. Let’s see if things will clear up but at this point and how things look right now, we are deeply disappointed about this way of behaviour.
Anyway, we have already started making new plans and we will be back with a vengeance!“

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