Tja, da haben die Iren aber wirklich Pech gehabt. Erst ist man von der Xmas Festival-Tour 2005 abgesprungen, um im Dezember mit MORBID ANGEL und UNLEASHED auf Europa-Tour zu gehen und nun wurde diese abgesagt: „The news has just come through that the tour with MORBID ANGEL is indeed cancelled, it looks like it was a money issue and once UNLEASHED dropped off the tour and no replacement found and the months passed by without any advertising it looked doomed. Its no secret that MORBID ANGEL’s last tour of Europe was not pulling in the numbers people expected and no doubt they were looking for a lot of money (well, no doubt about it, I know they were, but I’m not going to print the numbers here as some of you might have a heart attack).

Regardless of any of these facts, this now leaves PRIMORDIAL with no tour for the most important album we have ever made in our long and torturous career. And to think we had agreed to be on the X-Mass Festivals about 4 months ago under the premise that we would not look for or undertake other tours and now we are left with nothing… Hopefully something will come up soon on the horizon but the timing and dates with MORBID were almost perfect for our personal lives so I doubt it will happen like that so easily again…“

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