PRIMORDIALs neues Album

Das fünfte Album der irischen Dark Metaller PRIMORDIAL ist fertiggestellt.
Sänger Nemtheanga im O-Ton: „With this album we wanted to challenge ourselves a little more, its very easy to slip into doing what is the easiest or the most uncomfortable and the previous 4 album had been done with Mags of Academy studios fame (My Dying Bride, Anathema, P.Lost etc…) but for Gathering we wanted to shake things up and try something different. So we got over to Ireland famed engineer Billy Anderson (Melvins, sleep, Neurosis, High on Fire, Brutal Truth among many) and changed the studio we had become used to using in Ireland. Basically in search of something different.“

1. The golden spiral
2. the gathering wilderness
3. song of the tomb
4. end of all times
5. the coffin ships
6. tragedys birth (the martyrs fire)
7. cities carved in stone

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