Rob Flynn überwältigt von den Onkelz

Rob Flynn, seineszeichen Sänger von Machine Head und nicht erst seit gestern im Rock´n´Roll-Zirkus unterwegs, zeichnete seine Gedanken zum Lausitz-Freitag auf und kam zu folgender Einschätzung:

„The Böhse Onkelz show was seriously mind blowing. 2 nights, 110,000 each night, with 50,000 people outside trying to get in!? They were already sold out when they handpicked us to support ‚em, and the honor was beyond words.
About 5 people knew who we were (though I hear we fared way better than most), and the reaction that B.O. got was simply unexplainable. I guess you could call ‚em The Ramones / punk-Bruce Springsteen (<=== !!!) of Germany. Every person knew every lyric, and pointed the words right back at them in perfect sync. Literally a sea of 110,000 would raise their arms and point along with the words, and then when the lyrics stopped they’d all go back down. At one point Phil and I counted fifty mosh pits before we just lost track. It was fucking in-sane. We were simply honored to be a part of it."

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