Passend zu unserem Konzertbericht vom ON A DARK WINTER’S NIGHT Festival ein Original-Statement von Ronan Harris (VNV NATION), der offensichtlich mit dem Gig nicht ganz zufrieden war, lest selbst:

„That was the hardest show we’re ever done. Up to and including VNV I would say it was a good scene lineup with something for everyone but to be honest the last 2 of the 3 headline acts don’t really share many fans with VNV. From the line up and the promotion for the show we had already expected most of the audience would be goth metal fans with die-hard electros and goths going to see the other bands. We knew it would be a challenge so why not. Now the bad comments – We and many of the other bands are absolutely disgusted with the behaviour of an element throughout the audience during our show and others. I couldn’t believe how many people told me that they were harrassed, pushed around, shouted at, even kicked and made to feel as unwelcome as possible during our show. I could even see it from the stage. One group trying to dance got pushed around and then made the mistake of pushing back which turned their area into a reluctant moshpit that most were trying to get as far away from as possible. The thing that personally disgusted me the most, asides from the behaviour I saw or heard about, asides from pointless insults and middle fingers coming my way from a few worthless shitheads in the front rows (who in return got smiles and kisses blown from yours truly of course) was the 2 or 3 people in the front who tried to spit at me while I was on stage. Nothing demonstrates more ignorance and intolerance or shows people to be nothing more than dirt than that. I went right to edge of the stage to encourage one ignorant fuck to try to do better since he couldn’t even spit past the security barrier. I have no idea what the security at the front were doing. If you don’t like a band then you don’t have to listen to them.
I am proud of one thing. We did our best and as the show went on the reaction got louder and better. People who had neither seen us or heard us before said that they’d really enjoyed it. That’s what it’s about. Not a bad result considering the environment we played in.
Despite the picture this might paint a lot of people were enjoying it and moving and getting into it but I’m sorry for those people who weren’t able to, especially the people who emailed saying that they came to see us even though the ticket price was a lot of money for 1 band but then had their evening ruined by the bunch of aggressive pricks around them who were intent on ruining it for anyone who
wasn’t there for goth metal. For me, shouting „this is not a funeral“ said it all.“

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