Wie die Band selbst seit wenigen Stunden auf ihrer Page bekannt gibt, haben die Black/Gothic Metaller von SIEBENBÜRGEN am 01.02.06 beschlossen sich nach 12 Jahren und 5 Alben aufzulösen:

„I am hereby sad to inform you all that Siebenbürgen is no more. On the 1st of February 2006 we had a band meeting and came to the conclusion that we have to bury Siebenbürgen. After 12 years we sadly don’t have the energy and inspiration to take the band any further and it would be wrong to us and to our fans to continue without the passion that Siebenbürgen deserve. During these years we have struggled and bled to keep Siebenbürgen alive and well, we have published five albums that we are very proud of we got to see the world and we met a lot of great people in the process, and our fans fucking rule! But now it is over and we will lay Siebenbürgen to rest. It has been a great experience that we would not trade for anything in the world. We would like to thank Ed and Karen of No Cross Management, Sabine at IDB booking, Eva and the staff at Napalm Records and all the bands we have toured with during the years, and last but not least, all of our devoted fans that believed in us and kept us going through all this time. Thanks for everything and may the gods of metal be with you!
– Marcus Ehlin and Siebenbürgen“

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