SKYFIRE bei Pivotal

Die schwedischen Melodeather SKYFIRE haben vor Kurzem einen Vertrag bei Pivotal Rockordings in Florida unterzeichnet.
Außerdem befinden sich die Schweden zur Zeit im Studio, um den noch unbetitelten Nachfolger ihres 2004er Albums „Spectral“, unter Dach und Fach zu bringen.

SKYFIRE Bassist und Gründer Martin Hanner :

“It’s been almost four years since we released “Spectral” and we
are overjoyed to finally say that we have signed a deal with an amazing
record label and will get to work on our next album. We were talking with
a few labels over these last few years, but none of them were as helpful
and hard working as the Pivotal Rockordings guys, who we have been in touch
with for over a year. At this point, we couldn’t imagine signing with
anyone else!

As far as the new album goes, expect the traditional SKYFIRE sound, but
also expect some new elements that we have never experimented with before.
We also cannot wait to work with Jonas Kjellgren, who will be mixing and
mastering the new record. He is one of the most talented up and coming
producers in metal right now, and we are certain that he will take
SKYFIRE’s sound to the next level!”

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