SNAPCASE lösen sich auf

Nach vielen Jahren der hardcorigen Beschallung lösen sich SNAPCASE jetzt auf, es wird ein Abschiedskonzert Ende Januar in Buffalo geben und dieses Jahr soll auch noch eine DVD folgen. Les im O-Ton, was Bandgründer, Texter und Sänger Daryl Taberski dazu zu sagen hat:

“Fourteen years of Snapcase has been an amazing and unexpected journey for us. It has been an incredibly fun and interesting part of our lives where tangible rewards came as a result of hard work. We have had an amazing run as a band with the support of our friends, families and of course, great fans. Putting an end to something that has been so meaningful to us has been a difficult decision to make, but we feel it’s the right one. Our final show is going to be a celebration of our time as a band and the music that has been created by us over that period. We will go out on a positive note and show that it’s okay to celebrate death.”

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