Stimmen zum Tode Darrells

Auch wenn es ihn nicht wieder lebendig macht, hier eine Auswahl von Statements befreundetet Musiker zur Ermordung „Dimebags“:
„I’m speechless. This is totally unreal. Dimebag is a fucking legend and this is total bullshit.“
Rob „Blasko“ Nicholson (OZZY OSBOURNE)

„This is insane and this is beyond travesty. This is beyond anything I’ve ever heard. This shouldn’t happen in or outside of the rock and metal community. He will be missed and mourned as a person, as a musician, and as a friend.“

„I am devastated as I’m sure we all are. All I can convey at this moment are my condolences to Rita and Vinnie and the whole family. My heart is with you.“
Scott Ian (ANTHRAX)

„There is nothing unique or clever to this post, and what I want to say has no doubt already been said throughout the metal community, by countless others whom were more closer to Darrell than me by now. However, knowing he was murdered tonight, I wish to thank and remember Darrell for his amazing life and the gift that he shared with me and so many other fortunates. I pray for Darrell’s family and friends; specifically for their healing, their peace, and their understanding of this tragedy in this time of need. I send my deepest heartfelt condolences to the Abbott family, to Darrell’s friends, and to the fantastic PANTERA and DAMAGEPLAN fans around the world. We must never forget his life, and his gifts, his genius, his terrific personallity, and the legacy he left behind to remember him by. Darrell, I will see you in heaven and I, like so many more, love you brother. You will be missed.“
Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH)

„A sad day for the world of Heavy Metal. A great talent taken by a senseless and unnecessary event. Although I never met the guy, I was always a fan of his music and of him as a guitarist, and the world of Heavy Metal guitar will mourn his loss. My thoughts go out to his family and friends at this tragic time. Rest in peace, dude.“
Mantas (VENOM)

„Dime, I will never forget all the times you made us laugh. I’m so happy we got to spend the day together in London recently… We should all live our lives as full as you have. I will miss you, as will all of us… This is a sad day.“
Nikki Sixx (MÖTLEY CRÜE)

„Darrell was as nice as they come. During the times that I spent with him, I wondered why he played in such a heavy band. Not that he didn’t have the ability to school all of us that dared to share a stage with him, but because he seemed like such a gentle and kind man. He had a great sense of humor and was someone that everyone in the room gravitated toward. He never carried himself like the big rock star that he really was, instead he came across humble and appreciative. I consider it a privilege to have known him, as he was one of the ‚real‘ guys in the business and as Zakk Wylde would say, ‚one of the boys‘!“

„Today I am saddened to say I lost my friend and hero it sickens me that someone would take away a person that brought so much joy to so many people. Love ya, Double D.“
Shaun Glass (SOIL)

„My brother just called to tell me that Dimebag Darrell was shot and killed on stage tonight. Words cannot express the sadness I’m feeling right now and my condolences go out to Vinnie Paul and the Abbott family for their loss. This is a huge tragedy for the music world.“

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