Studio Bericht SIX FEET UNDER

Hier ein Originalstudiobericht von Chris Barnes vom 13.6.2003:

„Well well -hello again everyone out there! The new CD, BRINGER OF BLOOD is finally fully mastered and complete. I am proud to say everything worked out great from beginning to end. It’s by far our most intense Six Feet Under release to date. I want to thank CHRIS CARROLL once again for his undivided attention on mixing and engineering this CD as well I’d like to thank BRAD VANCE at Red Mastering for doin a great job on the mastering and taking care of the finishing touches on the production also I’d like to thank BRIAN SLAGEL for giving me the chance to produce this CD, its been a wild ride! Most of all I hope that all of you SFU maniacs who have enjoyed our work in the past will like this CD just as much and I hope that everyone who has disliked our work in the past will continue to do so-that puts a smile on my face more than you know! I‘d like to also let everyone know that we have a new addition to the Six Feet Under family in form of a new artist who we have commissioned for the new CD his name is DAVID ARONSON. He did 15 original images for this CD- unbelievable!! The packaging of BRINGER OF BLOOD will include a 24-page booklet with art depicting each song and taking inspiration from the lyrics. I worked real close with David on the images and I’m totally impressed with his work, if you want to see a sample of his work go to Brutal!!!

Lets see what else…oh yeah, we completed the photo session for the CD as well as the shots that will go out to all the press folks. We worked with JOE GIRON who I’ve been working with since the CANNIBAL CORPSE CD BUTCHERED AT BIRTH- he always does a kick ass job, thanks Joe…This weekend we’re having a listening party here in Tampa to premier the CD to all the European and American press. Its really the first time anyone’s heard the new stuff, outside of family, friends and the label, and I’m a little anxious to see and hear what they have to say, then again… also we’ll be doing a shoot with JULIYA from URANIUM this weekend for an upcoming episode. If that isn’t all enough we are currently back in the rehearsal room goin over new and old material for the summer tour we have planned in Europe starting at the end of June check our tour dates section for dates- – this is gonna be a killer tour I’m especially psyched about playing a couple major European festivals on this run, WITH FULL FORCE and GRASPOP we’ll be on the main stage at W.F.F. third from the top on Friday July 4th- this show will be filmed for a live DVD release sometime next year- yeah another live video- but with a twist… Currently we are planning a tour of the States for the end of August beginning of Sept. more info on bands and dates as soon as we get them. I’ll check back with you again before the release of BRINGER OF BLOOD on Sept. 23 to give you U.S. tour dates- the song titles and some other bullshit– till then stay sick –„

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