Hier ein paar News zum neuen GOD DETHRONED Album direkt aus der Mund des Gitarristen Isaac Delahaye:

„Back with some great news: the recording of our new album is almost finished! Bass, clean guitars, overdubs, melodies & solo’s were added since the last update, and all the pieces start to fit the puzzle. I really can’t wait to hear the Serpent King terrorizing the songs with grunts and screams. My job is basically done in the studio, so it’s hard to be patient now… The wall of rhythm guitars blew us all away, so we spent quite some time to search for the perfect bass sound to match it and to make the overall sound even thicker. But the mission is accomplished! Being in the studio with TWO drummers (producer Jorg Uken also comes from that planet) was definitely a plus. Play on the kicks!!Recording extra layers of melodies, clean stuff, etc. went pretty fast, but let me tell you: coming up with good solo stuff took me AGES this time!!

The last couple of months I had been practicing new techniques/licks at home, in order to use them while improvising solo’s in the studio. I’m not a real fan of worked-out-solo’s; I always try to create something „on the spot“. But this time some songs asked for a certain solo/atmosphere, so i just hád to work on it before getting it on tape. But I’m VERY happy about the result! I hope I’ll make my mom & dad proud 😉 We’ll be back with an update soon!“
Cheers, Isaac

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