Die Amis THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER arbeiten fleissig an ihrem neuen Album mit dem Titel “Miasma”. Lest im O-Ton, was Trevor dazu zu sagen hat.

”We now are in the midst of our seventh song for the next record, „Miasma“. This thing keeps getting bigger and better as we go. We’re getting excited to record this beast. The information I have reported below about the release of our „A Cold Blooded Epitaph“ has been rendered a falsehood. We aren’t exactly sure when this will be seeing the light of day, but you can expect that it will be with the next while. Guy at Blackmarket has his hands full at the second with The Red Chord’s new full length (which I would rather have, personally), and we are deciding on a few last minute tweakings to the EP, to assure that that beautiful Blackmarket quality is shining through in every respect. Guy and I will be conspiring as soon as TRC has finished recording; so expect an ACTUAL release date (!) soon. Thank you guys for being so patient with this thing, and please try to refrain buying any $90 versions of the old ugly one from E-Bay. That would be just a crime. We’ll post the new artwork up here in a few so you can at least check it out if you are interested. Over and out.” Trevor

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