THE CROWN haben fertig!

Aus dem Hause THE CROWN gibt es neues zu vermelden, das neue Album Possessed 13 (angelehnt an einen Coppola Film?) wurde im Studio Fredman eingehämmert. Dazu im O-Ton Gitarrist Marko Tervonen:

„Let me start by saying that the album is all done. ALL done. It´s out of our hands now. Why does it take so long time??? Well boyz and girls—- Lemme tell you a cool thing!!!! We did two separate versions of “Possessed 13”. You´re saying „what?“. The thing is this: “Possessed 13” will be released as a limited edition thing first. As a double CD digipack. And with different (but related) artwork. We call this limited edition CD the DELUXE VERSION. And at this point all I can promise you is that this one will be released in Europe. I hope for the rest of the world as well, but so far I´ve only got confirmation for Europe.

And what will this DELUXE VERSION include???

First, the “Possessed 13” album. Here´s the final tracklist:

01. No Tomorrow
02. Face Of Destruction/Deep Hit Of Death
03. Deliverance
04. Cold Is The Grave
05. Dream Bloody Hell (instrumental)
06. Morningstar Rising
07. Are You Morbid?
08. Bow To None
09. Kill Ém All
10. Natashead Overdrive
11. Zombiefied
12. Dawn Of Emptiness
13. In Memoriam (instrumental)

And for the bonus CD:

01. Last Rite (our very first „pro“ recording ´92)
The whole FOREVER HEAVEN GONE demo ´93
02. Seventh Gate
03. Deadspawn
04. Diachronic Damnation
05. The Lord Of The Rings
06. Beyond Where Darkness Dwells
07. Forever Heaven Gone
The whole FORGET THE LIGHT demo ´94
08. Soulicide Demon-Might
09. Godless
10. Neverending Dream
11. Candles
12. Burnin´Leather (a Bathory cover)
13. Rebel Angel (demo version)

All demosongs remastered of course!
Releasedate: October 20th 2003

Hmm… What more…. Yeah, we just did the Wacken festival and it was FUCKING AMAZING!!!! Thank you all for screaming along and making us feel so fucking good!!! You rule!!! We´ll do one more festival show, The Summer Breeze festival. Make sure to be there! It´s a cool festival and we really liked the last show we did there…”

Mal schauen, ob das Album wirklich allen Erwartungen entspricht, Value for Money scheint ja geboten zu werden.

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