THE ETERNAL ab Dezember im Studio

Die Australier THE ETERNAL werden sich ab dem 14. Dezember in die Broacast Studios in Adelaide begeben, um dort ihr neues Album aufzunehmen.
Man plant, das Ganze bis Februar/März 2008 unter Dach und Fach zu haben.

Sänger Mark Kelson über das kommende Album :
„I’m very happy to announce that after two and a half years of writing and recording demos, we have completed 17 songs for our new album ‚Kartika‘. We will only be recording 10-12 songs for the final album, but I feel very satisfied that we have an excess of great material to choose from. I really feel fans of our music will not be disappointed with what we are about to unleash! We have really tried to incorporate sounds that we love, and have used a couple of interesting instruments such as the Chinese Pipa and the Hammer Dulcimer. I have had much fun playing around with Melotron’s and Analogue Synthesizer’s as well.

We are focused on making this a very organic album and will be steering away from over triggered drums and too many digital synthesizers etc. By no means have we become a ’70s progressive band, but we are surely trying to aim for that fat organic sound which seems to be lacking in a lot of over produced production line metal albums at the moment.“

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