THE OLD DEAD TREE verlieren Zweig

Season of Mist und THE OLD DEAD TREE müssen verkünden, dass Gitarrist und Gründungsmitglied die Band aufgrund seiner anstehenden Vaterschaft verlassen wird. Hier sein Statement dazu im O-Ton:

„My long term adventures with THE OLD DEAD TREE are coming to an end. I have made the hardest decision in leaving the band, since my family life is about to change with the soon birth of my son Adrien, due next July. This great event thus induced me in making that choice, after having made up those last nearly ten years in THE OLD DEAD TREE, my other family.There were so many changes since February 1997, when Manuel and I made the decision to create the band and act for our passion, building up our dream. We went through really hard times, especially with the demise of Frdric, whom I’m thinking about now, but we also shared many moments of joy, happiness and emotion. I’m also very proud to have contributed to make THE OLD DEAD TREE be recognized and respected for all those years, and to have led it where it is now. The band is now ready for its international big break, and I sincerely hope it will make it, because it deserves it.
I also wanted to thank all our fans, old and new, all of those who follow and support us. Our music touching you is, for us musicians, the most beautiful reward. Thanks also to those who have been part of the band’s life and history – you know who you are! And, of course, my last thoughts go to my three brothers in arms, music and riffs: my Manu, my Vincent and my Foued.
This unique human adventure will be part of my life forever.
Nicolas Chevrollier“

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