Tom Warrior über das neue CELTIC FROST Album

Tom Warrior hat auf seiner HP ein paar Statements über das neue CELTIC FROST Album losgelassen, lest im O-Ton:

„Almost everything came out as intended. The only song that doesn’t yet work is „Os Abysmi vel Daath“. This is a bitter pill to swallow, for it is one of our earliest dark songs for the new album, and we had a lot of faith in it. We will have to go back and put some very concise work into it. The song seems so simple, and yet it is very complex and has managed to defeat us every step of the way so far.

The other songs of the demo sound extremely Celtic Frost to me, in details sometimes astonishingly close to „Morbid Tales“ or „To Mega Therion“. „Ain Elohim“ and „Temple of Depression“ are perhaps my favourites among these songs. Although it is a new song, the title and some of my contributions to „Temple of Depression“ go back to the original Celtic Frost of many years ago“

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