TORTURE KILLER bei Hammerheart

Hammerheart Records proudly welcomes Finnish Death Metal-combo TORTURE KILLER their artist roster. Torture Killer plays groovy, oldschool Death Metal in the vein of bands like Six Feet Under, Obituary and Bolt Thrower.

Torture Killer started out as a side-project but has become a real band now featuring members of Adramalech and Demigod. Their debut-album FOR MAGGOTS TO DEVOUR will be unleashed upon mankind by Hammerheart Records. Some tasty songtitles on this album are Flesh Breaks To Open Wounds, Motivated To Kill, Fuck Them While They Bleed and Gore Terror.
The album was recorded at Popstudio in Loimaa (Finland) together with producer Mika Haapsalo.

Release after the summer!

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