TRISTANIA canceln Tour – verschieben Album-VÖ

Eigentlich stand für die norwegischen TRISTANIA so einiges im Terminplan für den Herbst dieses Jahres. Doch nun verschiebt sich sowohl die Tour als auch der Release des neuen Albums „Illumination“:

„The release of the new TRISTANIA album ‚Illumination‘ (originally scheduled for September) is, unfortunately, postponed slightly due to technical reasons. We regret this delay, as we are as impatient as you are to get the album released. Hopefully, our fans will understand that this is something that is outside our control. We will return with a new release date as soon as we know what this will be — and samples from ‚Illumination‘ will be published online in the near future.
The September tour is cancelled due to outside issues. Vibeke (vocals) will be finishing her education as a teacher, in addition to which she will be working as a teacher while studying. Thus, this makes it difficult for her to do long tours at the moment. Finishing off her education is something she has postponed for a long time due to her duties with TRISTANIA — and she feels it is finally time to do it. We, as a band, are sorry for this cancellation, but promise to return in force when the new album is released.“

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