UNEARTH haben ihr erstes Video zum neuen Album „III: In the Eyes of Fire“ erstellt, hier ein Statement des Regisseurs Darren Doane zum Video „Giles“ und der Zusammenarbeit mit der Band:

“Music videos are a tricky thing. To show the band, to show a movie? Or both? In my opinion, a video should do one thing and be an extension of who the band is. As much as I love telling stories, I love bands more. Sometimes I get a song so brutal that I can’t even imagine a storyline. This is what happened when I heard this new Unearth song. Music evokes imagery. How to embrace UNEARTH and add that external extension to the power of the song became the question. To make the biggest performance video we can; was going to be about hundreds and thousands of amps of light. One of my favorite lighting coordinators/Gaffers is a man named Joel Unagnst. He’s been involved in some of the biggest and best projects ever. From No Doubt, to Metallica, Van Halen, Motley Crue… So, I begged him to be apart of this video and help me create a world of light, darkness, shadows, lightning, with exploding surges of lights. He agreed and we are off. In the end it will not be about the lights. The lights and lack of light has one job, and that’s to embrace the song and power of the band. If we forget that, we lose. Videos are about the band. This band kicks ass. This video must kick ass.”

Wenn ihr einen Eindruck vom Video haben wollt, folgt einfach dem Link:

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