UNLEASHED äußern sich zu XMas-Kick

Eigentlich sollte es ein richtig dickes Package werden. So hatte man mit EXODUS, HYPOCRISY, NAGLFAR und UNLEASHED gleich vier fette Zugpferde für die diesjährige XMas Festival-Tour. Doch dann flogen die Wikinger aus dem Billing. Darüber zeigt man sich in einem Statement auf der Band-Page natürlich nicht gerade erfreut: „According to the promoter Metallysee, Nuclear Blast Records have now sponsored the tour and also have the right to choose which bands they want next to theirs on the bill. Accordingly, they ordered UNLEASHED off the bill, scared shitless of the competition UNLEASHED would cause, or just don’t like us? Smart move either way, and quite understandable. We have tried to book a replacement tour for December as announced on our website. Unfortunately, time was not on our side to do so and we will have to reschedule for next year. We will now concentrate on the final details of the upcoming DVD release and also our eighth full length album. We plan to enter the studio in January 2006!“

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