VIDNA OBMANA – Anthology

VIDNA OBMANA – Anthology 1984 – 2004
Auf dem eigenen Label Ikon wird VIDNA OBMANA eine Best of bestehend aus 12 Tracks releasen. Die komplette Schaffensperiode zwischen Ambient und Harsh Noise wird dabei abgedeckt.
Hierzu die Stimme eines Experten im O-Ton:
„Having released 30 albums over a career spanning 20 years, Vidna Obmana’smusic has survived the descriptions: gently atmospheric, Post-Industrial,Tribal Ambient, minimalistic, textural, abrasive, Isolationist Ambient,Fourth World, Post-Classical, New Age and even Traditional. Throughout hismusical life he has consistantly challanged the musical genre categorizersof the world; demonstrating a rare willingness to lead his audience, notpersue them. Often challanging our ability to reach beyond ourselves andthe limits of experience, his soundscapes are made complete only by a listener’s comprehension“ – Chuck Van Zyl (Star’s End)

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