VIRGIN STEELE canceln Festival

Aus gesundheitlichen Gründen mussten die True Metal – Veteranen von VIRGIN STEELE ihre Teilnahmen am „Bang your Head“- und „Numirock“-Festival (beide 24./25. Juni) absagen. Das offizielle Statement dazu auf der bandeigenen Homepage:

„While undergoing a medical exam to discover the source of a severe, persistent pain, additional serious health issues were discovered that need attention, and it has been suggested by medical authorities that David DeFeis [VIRGIN STEELE frontman] undergo further testing and treatment procedures. Since time is of the essence and these procedures will be ongoing (several are scheduled for the week of these festivals), therefore it is with a heavy heart and sincere regret that we must unfortunately announce to you that the group must bow out of these two engagements. We thank you all for your understanding and patience, and we assure you that the band will be back onstage with you all once again shortly…“

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