VNV NATION „Chrome“ – „Matter and Form“

Hier ein paar Infos zu den neuen Releases von VNV NATION im O-Ton:

NEW SINGLE „CHROME“ OUT March 7th : The first single from the new album will be released as an Internet single on March 7th. In Europe it will be exclusively available from iTunes (, Musicload ( and from here at the VNV Nation Homepage ( It should be available from all major portals in North America. Some might ask, why exclusively online? There were many reasons but we feel this technology is an exciting new frontier in getting music to people and is extremely accessible to people no matter where they are. It definitely overcomes the problem of people who cannot get VNV’s music because stores on their town don’t carry this kind of music. The track is a gritty, punchy track that gives an indication of some of the new sounds people will find on the new album, which brings us nicely to…

NEW ALBUM „MATTER AND FORM“ : VNV Nation’s fifth album will be released in Europe on April 4th and in North America on April 12th. This time Ronan worked alongside German producer Humate who co-produced, engineered and mixed the album. Getting the sound right on this album involved going back to using lots of vintage synthesizer equipment to achieve a warmer more organic sound. The album features many varieties of tone and sound, from the punch of tracks like „Chrome“ and „Entropy“ to more ethereal soulful sounds of „Endless Skies“ and „Homeward“ . It is certainly an evolution but still retains, and in some ways accentuates, the emotive soulful and humanist elements that people recognise in VNV Nation’s music. Conceptually and lyrically the album deals with transformation from potential into ability or action. Ronan feels this is the best and most comprehensive VNV Nation release to date. As promised, excerpts from some of the tracks will be available online soon. More info on that to come.

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