VOID OF SILENCE lösen sich auf

„After 11 years since we started this adventure, after 6 years since the band started its official activities and after three album released together as VOID OF SILENCE, we decided to put an end to this band. We took this decision with sadness and bitterness, also we must admit we yet reached our initial goal. We would like to thank our worlwide fans, those who always trusted us and those who supported us along the way. A special thank you to Fabban and Alan Nemtheanga, who gave us the possibility to release such incredible albums and to the whole code666 staff, always supportive towards our music. A great hail also to our old friends Andrea Toro, Alessandro Bianchi, Riccardo Tran and Fabio Restano, who were beside us in the beginning. We are not leaving the musical scene, just we will wear different dresses and walk different ways, together as usual. Maybe one day things will run in a different way, who knows… Bye and thanx to all“.
Riccardo Conforti and Ivan Zara.

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