Neuigkeiten aus dem Hause WITHIN TEMPTATION, man arbeitet aktuell mit der niederländischen Computerspielschmiede Spellborn, hier alles darüber im O-Ton:

„You might have already heard something about the co-operation we agreed with the game producer Spellborn. We are going to contribute some exclusive songs for the worldwide launch of the new PC game ‚The Chronicles Of Spellborn‘. Spellborn is a Dutch company based in The Hague which is already working on the development of the game since one and a half years. A large number of programmers and designers are working on the creation of the characters and the unique fantasy world as well as the special effects. When we were approached by Spellborn and heard their ideas, we were immediately enthousiastic. Almost all members of the band are fanatic gamers. Be it at home or on tour, we find playing computer games can be very relaxing and somethimes they even inspire our songwriting. It is great to be able to contribute our music to such a unique fantasy world currently being built for ‚The Chronicles of Spellborn‘. We’ll be able to up-date you on the development of things in the near future. In case you want to know more about Spellborn, you can check out their homepage: www.tcos.com

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